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Chai for champions...

Our Chai

Our authentic Spiced Bombay Chai concentrate is 100% natural, perfect with hot or cold milk of your choice and equally as good in cocktails, baking and over ice cream.

We carefully select only the finest hand-picked tippy single estate Assam tea, infused with Indian spices and unrefined Madagascar sugar which is slowly steeped and micro-brewed in small batches, using a family recipe that’s been passed down by our grandparents and their parents, creating a powerful balance of comforting flavours.

Our spices are exclusively sourced from ethically managed cooperatives from across the globe, paying particular attention to their growing conditions and quality. Each spice is cupped to maintain consistency in natural sweetness and body. The result is a totally unique full-bodied and balanced easy to use tea concentrate, like no other.

Simply mix one-part concentrate to six parts of your favourite milk, heat or steam together and you will enjoy a bold and authentic Spiced Bombay Chai latte that’s full of flavour.

Brewed in small batches by artisan Teasmiths, using an authentic family recipe that has been passed down over two generations for your enjoyment today...

A Chai Like No Other

Our chai starts its remarkable journey 5,019 miles away from the finest tea gardens in Keyhung, on the flatlands alongside the mighty banks of the Brahmaputra river in India.

"Simply the best chai that I have ever tasted and I've tried all the other brands available, but there is nothing that comes close to what you've created"...

Alex S. 200 Degrees Coffee Roasters

"The real deal and simply the best chai concentrate that I've ever tasted"...

Lee B. Urban Grind

"I've never tasted anything this good outside of India"...

Prof. Peter N. Oxfordshire

"I've never been able to find a chai that tastes so natural and as easy to make as yours and it's proving to be a huge hit with all our regular customers"...

Sarah F. Square Coffee

I have been looking for a Chai syrup that tastes fantastic for a couple of years and you have far surpassed what I was looking for as teabags don’t cut it.

Janet P. Nottingham